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Hooshmand Research Group established in 2011 to present new technologies, to offer hardware and services in the fields of Non-Destructive Tests (NDT), Instrumentation, Microwave and Drone Systems with the collaboration of several university academicians and top-level university students.

The first MFL Hand Scanner equipped by Touch Screen Computer, Blue Eagle X1, was introduced in 2014 by Hooshmand Research Group. It can not only speed up inspection in non-accessible area by other MFL Scanner, but also output corrosion map in high accuracy. Also, the other MFL Scanner equipment made by Hooshmand Research Group, under the name Blue Wolf X1, is an auto-motorized magnetic sensors Scanner. The most innovative and practical feature of Blue Wolf X1 for inspector is that a special data fusion software & Hardware system by connecting to standard Laser Distance Meter, UT Thickness Meter and accepting visual inspection data.
Since 2016, about 1.000.000 m2 tank floor has been inspected by Hooshmand Research Group in the world, especially in the middle-east and currently started in Oceania and Africa.
Based on our experience in design, development, manufacture and sales of high-tech products, Hooshmand Research Group can provide the professional services for global customer’s needs.

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We value our customers standpoint and their challenges.

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Presently, the company has succeeded to indigenize the NDT Technology based on Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) to ascertain the degree of corrosion in the bottom of storage tanks for crude oil and other petroleum products. Another accomplishment in the Instrumentation Systems has been to gain access to the Level Meter Radars utilizing the FMCW Method to measure levels of liquids and solids in storage tanks in the oil and petrochemical industries.


We have also managed to indigenize the Non-Destructive Tests utilizing the Microwave Technology to gauge corrosion in Dielectric and Composite parts and components. This equipment is mostly utilized in the Aero-Space, Petrochemical and Power Generation Industries and indigenizing it can truly be considered as an outstanding achievement.

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