Hand Scanner



The storage tank should be inspected regularly to ensure health. A quick remedial act at an early stage is essential to avoid the future extra cost. Practical inspection recognizes the failure before leakage, or another failure occurs, preventing leakage of contaminants in the environment, product loss, or even catastrophic failure.
MFL Hand Scanner is designed and developed for tank floor inspection based on magnetic flux leakage, an advanced NDT method. The special application of the MFL Hand Scanner is the inspection of surface, which cannot be accessed by the Smart Floor Scanner, e.g., plate edge and surface under pipes. It has befitted:

  • First MFL Hand Scanner equipped by Touch Screen Computer
  • High Durable and Powerful Magnet
  • High accuracy data acquisition
  • Special signal processing by WII algorithms
  • Small application size

Together these features have led the MFL Hand Scanner to help the big brother Smart Floor Scanner efficiently in inspecting inaccessible areas of storage tanks such as plate edge and surface under pipes. Also, the scanned map can be exported to Smart Floor Scanner (SFS) Software and added to Smart Floor Scanner map data.
Optional: MFL Hand Scanner can accept the measured data by external “Laser Distance Meter” and “UT Thickness Meter” to tune the output map accurately. This feature is unique only for Hooshmand Research Group MFL Hand Scanner.

  • Inspect the inaccessible areas by Smart MFL Scanner
  • Fast Setup & Easy Operation
  • First MFL Hand Scanner equipped by Touch Screen Computer
  • User-friendly Software
  • Online inspection demonstrates at Color TFT 10.1″
  • Plate thickness option in software
  • High-speed inspection up to 0.5 m/sec
  • Store/Load and manage scan results
Principle of operation
Magnetic Flux Leakage
Detection sensors
Magnetic sensors
Scan width
150 mm
Method of propulsion
Hand Push/Pull
0.5 m/sec
Thickness range
Up to 20 mm
Non-magnetic coat thickness
Up to 6 mm
Operating weight
14 Kg
20% (6-12 mm), 40% (12-20 mm)
Color TFT 10.1`` & Touch Panel
Process & Demonstrate 2D Map of corrosions
Power Requirement
16.8V Battery